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The Reason Behind the Bun Hatter


If you ever wondered why we created The Bun Hatter
December 6, 2013 at 10:16pm
One of our fans was concerned for our bunnies and he wrote this comment:

“I love these pics, I hope the bunnies are well treated for their efforts!”

And here is the answer that I gave him. I think everyone should know the reason why we created this page.

“Dear friend,

They most certainly are :o) I want you to know that all of our bunnies are very well treated and all came from bad situations. Some were abandoned by their previous owners and left to fend for themselves in the streets, they were found starving and full of fleas. Others were brought to local animal control and we picked them up and brought them to our home before they could be put to sleep. One of our bunnies was going to be dinner to some family that outgrew her baby cuteness. Some were kept in cages, alone and forgotten for months or years before they came to live with us.

Now, they all live in very spacious pens, not cages. They always have food, water, veggies and treats. They have been spayed and neutered to prevent pregnancies and cancers. We love them very much. They are not just our animals; they are part of our family. They get smooches and pets and lots of love and care. They love us back and come running to see us when we go into their respective pens. They have bunny friends to spend their lives with and are never alone. We provided medical treatment when some of them came very sick and scared. We still do for some of them. Every single day. We adopt some of the bunnies that no one else will want; the old and the sick that require constant care.

I hope that our care shows through in our pictures. Some of our bunnies have never been in one of our facebook pictures because they become agitated when we have put the little hats on. We immediately take the hats off and they go back to their pens because I do not want to upset them.

The picture sessions take between 2 and 3 minutes, perhaps once a month, and they always get treats and pets and kisses while we are taking the pictures. I do not believe that the bunnies are having a hard time while we take their pics. If I ever felt that that was the case, I would not continue taking pictures of them and that would be the end of the Bun Hatter. To me, my bunnies are more important.

Our purpose in creating this little page has been to bring awareness of the wonderful additions that bunnies can make to your family. They are fun and sassy and very smart and loving. I cannot imagine my life without them and I want to bring the joy that they bring me to others. We are part of a rescue group in the Dallas area in Texas. Our rescue is called Wild Rescue/ Rabbit rescue.

Sometimes rescue work is very sad. We have found bunnies in dumpsters left to die, loose in apartment complexes, starving. Sores on their feet and yellow fur in what should be a white rabbit. Some thrown from moving vehicles, with broken bones. Abandoned because their previous family could not afford veterinary care, with rotten teeth, abscesses and splayed legs. We take the bunnies that were tossed away as garbage and give them a home.

This page is for everyone to enjoy, but it is made especially for the rescuers that deal with so much sorrow every day. To bring them happiness knowing that at least, some of those bunnies are safe and much loved.

I truly appreciate that you took the time to find out about their well-being and I hope this answers your question. Let us know if you ever come to Oklahoma and I would love for you to come visit us to meet them all.

Hugs, TBH”

And that is why.

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