Art by Yollie

imageArt by Yollie

Yollie Boag is an amazingly talented artist. Her artwork of rabbits is truly stunning and inspirational. She is also a warm and lovely person.

Born in Adelaide South Australia,  Yolli Boag is a self taught artist.

Traditional Art, Photography and the beauty found in nature inspire her.

She enjoys experimenting and expressing herself through her new found discovery. She has a keen interest in photography which has now evolved to capture reference material for her art.

Yollie is located in South Australia and have a real life fairy castle in her garden that her husband built which is home to their feather and fur-kids.

Visit her site to see more of her beautiful artwork, order prints or arrange your own unique piece.

She painted the gorgeous illustration below of Snow and Charlene.

You can own your very own print!

$20.00 (plus postage if ordering outside Australia).


Charlene and Snow By Yollie Boag
Charlene and Snow
By Yollie Boag