The House Rabbit Society
The largest source of information about rabbits. This non-profit organization also helps rabbits find homes.

A fantastic community inspired, digital bunny magazine. Each issue has a featured rabbit and rabbit organization. It has articles, bunny pictorials and much more.

The Bunny Observer
A terrific newsletter which contains information, stories and photos about the Twitter bunnies, an online community of bunnies and their humans.

Long Island Rabbit Rescue
Wonderful group of volunteers providing help to abandoned rabbits.

The Daily Bunny
This site makes me smile every day. It provides daily adorable photos of bunnies from all over the world. It also helps find homes for those up for adoption.

Binky Bunny
This is a fun, interactive site for the community of bunny lovers. Provides tips and tricks for living with rabbits.

Midwest Bunfest
A wonderful yearly convention for nearly 1000 bunny lovers held by the Ohio Rabbit Rescue Society.

Southeast Bunfest
A yearly convention in Florida by the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast

The National Fancy Rat Society

A great place for well referenced info on health and basic care

Shunamite Rats
which has some great info particularly relating to diet.