Snowball: Chronicles of a Wererabbit

imageI wasn’t born with a scar on my forehead. I’m not an heir to a distant kingdom. I was born a rabbit. My destiny was simply to die in a laboratory. But becoming a hero doesn’t happen overnight and destiny is a funny thing. In one moment the kindness of a stranger- or in my case a vampire – can change everything.
My name is Snow and I am a wererabbit.

Snow Everly was born a rabbit and believes that her destiny was to die in a cold laboratory. Then one winter night, a vampire named John breaks in searching for his missing research. When the lab goes up in flames he goes back and rescues her. He names her Snowball and has no idea that she is no ordinary rabbit.

When Snow turns three years old, Snow gains the ability to shift into a girl. Why was she created? Who and what are the mysterious figures following her?

Follow Snow on her journey as she makes friends with werewolves, a telepathic mouse and searches for answers. Her dream is to one day become a hero and accepted for who she is —a Wererabbit.

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“It’s magical, moving and, yes, it does cry out for a sequel! Zeman touches on things that cause pain in all beings, be they vampire or wererabbit: being different, being bullied by others, and the need for love, acceptance and companionship.”
Readers’ Favorite

“Amusing and Original! full of incredibly human moments”
Kirkus Reviews

“A wild ride! I absolutely loved Snow. Her voice shifted as she grew up in ways I found both believable and entertaining. It was absolutely fascinating to watch her mature.”
Long and Short Reviews YA

M.Y. Zeman rewrites the definition of vampires, werewolves to present a fresh, convincing approach to their existence. She has built a highly-constructed fantasy world filled with new themes.. this book deserves to be among the high ranks of similar popular youth fiction.”
Dustin Campbell, Bunnyzine 

“.. a clever mix of adventure, science, drama and fantasy.”
–B.J. Bunny Observer