Snow Bunny: Chronicles of a Wererabbit

imageMy name is Snow and I am a wererabbit. I was born a bunny and thought my fate was to live and die in a lab until a vampire saved me. Now I am fourteen and I’ve just rescued a teenage werewolf named Josh from scientists who have been experimenting with a terrible serum which takes away the ability to shift.
We need to find the people who took him; discover who they are working for and what they are planning so we can stop them.
The road ahead is scary, full of twists and a new love. But no one ever said becoming a hero was easy…

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“An incredible installment into Snow’s world with in exhilarating, nail-biting ending!
Brilliant follow-up to a beloved book. This will solidify your love for the series”
Dustin Campbell, Bunnyzine

“Marvels await the reader who ventures within these pages: shrieking spiders, sand tigers who burrow beneath the sand, and a host of other interesting beings are just waiting for you to open up this book. Snow Bunny: Chronicles of a Wererabbit is a grand adventure tale that entertains on a number of levels, and it is most highly recommended.”
– Reader’s Favorites

“M.Y. Zeman tells a delightful, action filled tale of a young wererabbit with a unique family and the pluck to look out for others when they are in danger.
Meet Snow, a fourteen year old wererabbit in a family unit consisting of two vampires as her parental figures and strong character role models. She has always wanted to be the hero she sees her father as and now is her chance. Josh is a teen werewolf held prisoner in an evil lab, drugged to prevent his change, stuck in his human form. Will rescuing him prove to be a good thing or will it bring the wrath of evil down on them? Can Josh overcome the drugs in his system and change again?¬†The danger surrounding them will necessitate a move, but wait until you discover where they move to!¬†Endearing characters, nothing too dark or foreboding and a twist in family dynamics that is handled with ease. The perfect way to show a child that everyone is different, but love never fails.” – Tometender