Narrator found for Audiobooks!

Welcome to the Adventure, Erin!

We have finally found the perfect narrator for Chronicles of a Wererabbit. Her name is Erin Evans-Walker and I’m very excited that she is doing it. 

Many people auditioned for the part by reading a script made up of different scenes from Snowball. There were many great ones but I kept coming back to Erin’s. She has lovely voice and was really able to make the scenes come to life. Then, after writing to her and hearing her enthusiasm for the books, I was sure she was the right person.

Erin grew up in a small suburb south of Chicago, but with a love of reading exciting stories, she knew early on that she wanted to have big adventures. While growing up, she would read books aloud to anyone who would listen; but narrating audiobooks wasn’t something that seemed feasible in her small town.

University and postgraduate studies steered her more into writing and editing, but she has recently rekindled her passion for bringing characters to life – just in time to discover Chronicles of a Wererabbit! 

Erin has already had a few adventures. After self-studying Japanese for a year, she went to Japan for a semester in high school, and began learning kendo, or Japanese sword fighting! She attended the University of Edinburgh in Scotland ,and pursued a Master’s and PhD in Gnosticism, early branches of Christianity that were wiped out by history. She also met her wonderful husband Scottish Country dancing in a kilt! Erin now works for his quantum science sensor development company in Scotland.

She says: ” I’m very excited about the opportunity to bring Snow and her friends to life and hopes that you will enjoy my interpretation of the Chronicles of a Wererabbit!”

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