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I Need a Favor Please!

I know that you want to see the books do well.

There is one guaranteed way to help – Reviews.  I know you have heard it before but it is true!

Right now on Amazon, Snow Island only has 6 reviews! Snow Bunny 15 and Snowball 33. There are many newsletters and sites that would not even consider advertising them.

So please take a few minutes to go to and/or and leave a review for each book.

I know some of you may be thinking:

1 – I don’t have time to write a long review: It does not have to be long! It only has to be a few words!

It can be range from “Good book. I liked it.” To “Great book! I loved it!” to “One of my favorite books of all time!” 🙂

2 – I don’t want to insult you by only leaving a short review. It can’t happen! I will be incredibly grateful no matter how long it is!

3 – I want to write a longer one but don’t have time to now. Please don’t let this stop you either! Leave a short one and you can always go back and add to and edit it later. In the meantime, the number of reviews will increase!

It only takes a few words along with a rating to count and add to the total reviews. You will give Snow Island it’s best chance to reach readers!

leave review for Snow Island

leave review for Snowball

leave review for Snow Bunny

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