About the series

Q: How many books do you have planned?
A: Right now seven. It is Snow’s coming of age story, her journey to becoming a hero. Each book is another step on that journey. There will also be short stories that will be featured in the newsletter, The Wererabbit Chronicles.

coaw-wordpressQ: What are some of Snow’s best character traits?
A: Snow is optimistic. She gets her desire to do the right thing, respect for all life from her dad, John. On the negative side, she gets her fear of the world from him. From her other father, Edgar she gets her playfulness but also her impulsiveness (sometimes bordering on recklessness.) She is also insecure and like all of us trying to answer the questions who am I and why am I here?

Q: You begin very early in Snow’s journey when she is just a baby.
A: Most heroes’ journeys begin when they are given a task or when they obtain super powers. I want to explore what makes them who they are to begin with —the kind of people (or animals) they are. Where do their values come from?
I am interested in how the people around us and the events shape who we are and how, in turn, we shape others and how together — we shape the world.
In that way, the books have something in common with Its a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol and the movie Crash. There is a wonderful episode of Star Trek: TNG, in which Captain Picard reflects on his life and the all powerful Q tells him that his life is like a tapestry and if you pull out one string —it can all unravel, meaning that every action and event in our life makes us who we are. I see Chronicles of a Wererabbit that way. I’m weaving a tapestry of Snow and her family and friend’s lives and how they all fit together and affect each other.

Q: How much do you know about each of your characters before you start writing?
A: I need to know the background for all of my characters, even things that do not appear in the books yet or never will.
I know why Rosa and Rorin’s vampire parents abandoned them and how they were rescued by werewolves. I know how Snow’s werewolf friend, David and his mouse Charlene met. I know what makes Victoria the way she is. All of these things are all part of the larger picture. Some of them I will reveal as insider information in my newsletter.

Q: It has been pointed out that the beginning of the books are spent establishing the characters and that the action comes toward the end.
A:. This is true. I feel it’s important for you to see them as alive as I do in order for you to care about them when the action does come. That being said, each of the books has a big action packed finale in which everything will wrap together. And as Snow matures and the characters are established —the amount of action will increase and the stakes will grow higher in each book.

Q: Is there any hidden meaning in anything in this series?
A: Everything that happens in the stories —even the littlest things —are important in each book or in the overall story. The fact that young Snow watches Rocky III and the way David plays Superman with her pays off later in the end fight. When Josh has an amusing but frightened response to a video game in which he is being shot at makes him all the braver at the end of the book. Even things like baby Snow falling into the toilet and getting a fear of water will come up later on. Again, everything matters.

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